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After an unending period of silence, in the summer of 95, the singer Vicent and the bassist Anselmo from the former deathsters Obscure decided to go ahead on their own with a brand new project with a slower and heavier approach to music, more inspired by miserable melodies. They agreed to call it Nadir, which means the lowest, that opposed to the zenith. A couple of months went by and the two got in touch with other musicians into metal from their area. The band finally came to dark with Vicent on vocals, Anselmo with a grinding bass, Marce with a subtler bass, Jose Antonio with the guitar, and the drumming by David. Just after some shows and hard rehearsing they recorded a full live demo with eight tracks, not meant to be released, just to find gigs and contacts. It was called The Lowest Of The Low and included a powerful cover of Celtic Frost’s Necromantical Screams. Soon after it, the band noticed the scarce response from people and put their effort into recording their first official album to date. It is called Fall From Grace and was recorded in some eventual sessions at the Llaella Estudis in Benirredrŕ (Valčncia). In the meantime and after the recording sessions were somewhat scheduled, the guitar player left the band, though he accepted to record the tracks for the album. The new recruit for the post was a guy called Ramon. Recently they have incorporated the keyboard player Javi for the live shows. Fall From Grace has been self edited and it depicts some very special moments of anger, frustration, misery, lyricism and bitter glimpses of how death in life can be and really is. All this mounted on very loud and heavy bass lines, a strong and sick melodic approach, evil keyboard sounds and an irate and powerful screaming. Sick Goth Doom Metal is what you can find in the CD if you happen to listen to it. Don’t miss it, please, and your misanthropy will be rewarded.

These last times have carried some changes into the band. This fact brought with it a new bass player for the group, called Jorge. Lastly, a new keyboard player has also joined this group, and probably they will reach the sicker and catchier direction they are heading to. Currently the band are writing new material ( december 2002 )and playing live as much as possible, hopefully with band such the ones they played before with, o the likes of Moonspell, Napalm Death, Nasum and other important national bands.

The last period of 2002 brought with it the incorporation of Hector as the new guit player. Soon afterwards the pre production of the next work started. This time we decided to get an outside producer to give our sound a fresher and different edge, so we pre produced the Mcd at the home studio of our first guit player, J. A. Serrano. Once the demo was ready we booked a bigger studio (APK) to record the 5-tracker. We entered the studio on March 17th and finished the whole recording and mixing in 5 days. After that, it came mastering time, and for that we used a friends studio (DHL). When evrerything's finished we'll start negotiations for its release, so you'll have more news from us very soon. Stay in touch with our bunch of bitter-sweet scraps of misery.

The current line-up would be like:
VICENT RIERA - Somber Growls & Cryptic Chants
ANSELMO ROCA - Saw Quake Bass Guitar

DAVID GARCÍA - Drumming & Pounding
JORGE ALÓS - Sub Bass Guitar


Vicent Riera

Xúquer 38-3

46600 Alzira

Valčncia – Spain
Phone: +34 670375157