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Nadir and friends
Nadir y amigos
Nadir i przyjaciele


Anna y Yolanda
Bus Lorca Rock
David, F. Ribeiro y Vicent
David and Doro band
David and Moonspell
Black trip to Marduk
Kabolo and Vicent
Kabolo, Aida y Nandillo
Loco y Dr. Vila
Nadir and Marduk
Nadir and Ville from Sentenced
Rock Machina 2002
Samael conert
Festimad 2003
Tapping the vein
Vicent and Maiden
Dr. Vila and Charlie Glamour
Within Temptation
Xtv interview
Yoli, N. Holmes and Anna
David y Anneke
Brutal barbecue
Vicent & Zeraphines' singer
BOW recording